Monday, November 19, 2012

Little Trees

A few years ago the kids wanted little trees in their rooms. I went to the store and bought them all a little tree and then came home to open them and find that there was a big tag warning me that these little trees can cause cancer. I quickly packed them back up and returned them.

The kids asked for little trees again. I have loosened up a bit. Not only did we go and get little trees but we also got a blow up decoration for the front yard, which no offense to anyone out there, but I used to find cheesy. But they are only little once and I decided to cave on both this year.

So what did we do yesterday??? We shopped for Christmas. And when we got home?? We decorated Little Trees. They picked everything themselves. I did not stop Hadley when her tree decorations didn't match. (See---loosened up a lot!) I love that they love their little trees.

Hadley's tree was a lot of pink and purple. Here themed ornaments were Dora and Mickey Mouse. She put Candy garland and is the only kid who picked out colorful lights instead of white.

Ellie chose aqua blue as her main color. She chose "snowy" garland, and instead of a bunch of little ornaments, she got Hello Kitty...and her favorite, a Taylor Swift Guitar that plays music. She said she is going to have it play music to her ever night before bed. Ha.

Gavin, well he didn't have much to choose from. He ended up with some Rudolph ornaments, and the Muppets. A few months ago we assigned everyone a Muppet's character. His Muppet set has all of us represented on there but me, Miss Piggy. Yes, I got lucky enough to be her. :)~ He took his tree upstairs and was out the door with his football before I got a picture...maybe later. :)

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Little Miss Sunshine said...

Love that idea of little trees in their rooms.