Tuesday, November 27, 2012

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!!!

We were more than excited to get our Christmas stuff out....we LOVE Christmas and have been excited to decorate!

The tree however wasn't as anxious. It didn't survive the move...after putting it all together we realized the tree lights were cut and branches were falling out. Sooo....we headed out to find a new one. We thought we'd go a little taller and more narrow. We didn't really find much we liked, but didn't have too many options and wanted to get it done. So we ended up coming home with one. We got it all together. I put all the ribbon and picks in it and then it was time to decorate. Frank and I were so excited, we had on holiday music, and our kids were in a rather Ba'Humbug spirit. I looked at Frank and said, "Let's just do it tomorrow night." But we looked around at all the ornaments and boxes thrown all over our room and decided to try and cheer the kids up. Gavin was not all that interested, they were fighting over who got to hang what ornament. I looked at Frank again and said, "Another night." But once again we looked at everything we had taken out and kept singing Christmas songs trying to lighten the mood...and then the "new" ornament for the year was to be hung. Ellie was going to hang it and fell and it shattered on the floor. She ran upstairs crying and then Gavin went to hang the "new" ornament from last year and he slipped and it shattered. Now we had two crying kids. Ahhhh.... Merry Christmas.

We finally rallied our troops and got the tree decorated. May not have been the most fun we've ever had getting the tree up--- but she got up...and I think she looks really pretty.


Little Miss Sunshine said...
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Little Miss Sunshine said...

The tree looks beautiful, even though you had no fun decorating.

We decorated our house last Saturday, but we do not yet have a tree, because we do have real trees out of the woods in Germany. If we would put it up right now, it would not have any needles at christmas. :-(

By the way, is Clark already back?

Courtney said...

Your house is beautiful!