Saturday, September 29, 2012


Gavin had baseball tryouts a few weeks ago. He was the very first kid of the day to tryout in his age division, but happened to be in a group with one of his longest known friends, Cullen. These two have known each other since Cullen and his twin brother were brought home from the hospital after being pretty much...their entire lives. They both did awesome at tryouts and were drafted 1st and 2nd to the same team this year.

They were also both selected to be pitchers for their team (along with Gav's other good buddy Graham who I don't have a picture of). The last few weeks they have been practicing with their team but also doing pitching practice. Up until this year it has been machine this will be a whole new Ball Game.

They are on the Atlanta Braves.

We can't wait for their first game!!!

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Courtney said...

Wait...draft picks?!? Crazy! But I know Gavin will do great and most importantly LOVE it! Love that picture of him pitching the ball toward you-AWESOME!!! This kid has a future in sports!:)