Saturday, June 23, 2012

BORA, BORA The Thelasso Spa at our Resort- DREAMY!

One of the reasons we chose our resort was because it has one of the best spa's in the world. People travel from all over to come here. And I can see why. It is very Eco friendly and it uses water from 9,000 feet deep in the ocean in many of the things they have there. There are salt water drinking fountains....supposedly drinking the salt water from that deep has all the minerals in it that your body needs and is a great detox. I drank a cup every day after discovering this little gem.

I had my first massage there a few days after arriving and I was hooked. I knew we had to book another treatment, and this time I wanted Frank to join me. So for our 10 year anniversary we had a couples massage.

The massage rooms have glass floors over a coral just read that right...I took my iPhone in the room the second time for a few pictures. ;) The second time we were there we saw octopus swimming across the reef...I was getting a deep tissue massage at the time and I started freaking out and the therapist was quite amused. Ha!

FREEZING SALT WATER in the spa pumped from 9,000 feet in the ocean. It is right above freezing and is one of those "healthy" tubs that hurt like heck getting into and you can only last a minute max...but feels so amazing when you get out. We did this after a salt water steam. Probably not our smartest move...but it felt great non the less.

The leg walking spa. This is where high powered Ocean water jets are staggered in heights hit your legs to get your circulation going. It was pain that felt good...kind of like a deep tissue massage. I can see why this is one of the top ten spas in the world- it was insane.

Another HIGH powered ocean water jacuzzi where you get POUNDED in all directions. Literally you are bouncing around the tub because the jets are so strong.

There are 8 private Jacuzzis and we got one to watch the sun go down over the Mountain after our massages. It was a perfect we will probably never top again.

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