Tuesday, April 03, 2012


I had a fabulous 34th. Life has been crazy with moving, and renovating...but we took a break for my birthday. The kids woke me up and gave me a present they picked out all on their own for me- a new fishing pole. :) I really do love to fish- but never do anymore....maybe now I will.

Frank got me a new video camera that we have desperately been needing. Maybe now my kids will have more than iphone videos. That is the hope anyway. :) My sweet hubby got me Cheesecake factory take out for our family celebration. Chicken Medeira and two cheesecakes- carrot cake cheesecake and brownie cheesecake- yum!!!!! It was a great birthday! I have been looking forward to a new year- 34 is going to be a GREAT one- I can feel it!!!

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