Friday, March 16, 2012

Pulling off a Surprise and a New Little Love

Last Week I threw together a last minute surprise baby shower for one of my dear friends Jennifer. I had told her I wanted to throw her a shower awhile ago and she said NO WAY. She DOES NOT like attention. So I had to be a little sneaky about it. I threw it at my house and had everyone park away from my house. And I had her Mom make sure that she had NO plans that morning. I called her and told her I needed her to come look at something real quick and she headed on over. She knocked and I yelled, "come in..."
And this was her reaction:

A close up of her face as we all yelled "surprise!!"

Yes, I pulled it off...she was shocked and didn't get too mad at me either. :)

I made us all a yummy lunch and she opened some cute presents for her first little boy!! I love Baby Showers. But then again, I love everything about BABIES! :)

A few days ago...(a few days after the shower) she got tired of me telling her that she needs pictures of her pregnant and she agreed to let me take a few pictures of her and her beautiful girls. :) She is gorgeous  and hates the camera on her...but I think she will be happy that I was persistent and got a few shots for her to remember this moment.

And two days later.... YESTERDAY.... I got a call that she was having her baby boy. And guess who she asked to be in the room with her??? I was so honored to be a part of such a special day and to witness once again the amazing miracle of childbirth. Bennett Charles entered the world at 6:03 pm and is absolute PERFECT. Such a blessing!!!

I love him so much already and I am not even his Mama!

What a fun week with this sweet friend and welcoming her beautiful baby boy into the world!!!


Courtney said...

Wait! I didn't see any posts since Gav-stach-io! So,
go #9, yay for banana splits, yee-ha to the Texans, and what a special week with your friend. Love those pictures. They are beautiful. And so is that baby boy!

Urs said...

AAWW! You are such a wonderful friend! I was the same way as your friend (didn't want pictures of me pregnant) and I'm glad I ended up taking a couple. :)

ChrissyK said...

Lacey, the pictures are beautiful and You are amazingly talented. What a sweetie you are.