Thursday, February 09, 2012

School Spirit Day- Smile!

Every year at Hadley's school there is School Spirit Day. You are to wear your favorite team shirt. I was so on top of my game this year and bought her this little Aggie shirt weeks ago. (You know instead of waiting until the night before like I usually do.) We got a note in our backpack about school spirit day and our teacher even sent us an email reminding us about school spirit day.

Guess who forgot about school spirit day???

Hadley and I had had the best morning in MONTHS. No crying. No whining. No fighting over clothes and getting hair done was a breeze. We were early to school for the first time in awhile. And then I saw the sports shirts and cheerleaders making their way in.... I knew it wouldn't go over well but I tried.

I walked her to her class and asked her teacher how many kids forgot?? NO ONE. I felt terrible. Hadley was crying. She never cries at school. So I promised her after I was done at the Big Kids school, I would go home, get her clothes, and bring them up to her.

I got back to school awhile later and changed her. She was a happy camper sporting her blingy Aggie shirt.

Frank asked me to send him a picture of her. This is what I got.

"Hey Hadley, smile for Daddy..."

"No Stand up and smile your normal smile..."

"Hadley.... really, show me your pretty smile....the one you smile when someone is taking your picture...."

"Really???"  She then laughed...and I was able to get what I consider her "real" smile. ;) This girl cracks me up. She is definitely her own little bird.


parsonsfamily said...

she's so cute and so big!!! And I love the Aggie bling too.

Courtney said...

She's getting so big-definitely not a toddler anymore! Love her spirit even without the cute aggie shirt. ;)

ashley said...

That's hilarious! Hadley is too cute! I love her little personality!