Saturday, February 18, 2012

FOUR. 4.

Hadley Faith is four. I can not believe our baby girl is FOUR. Time sure has flown by quickly. We are so blessed to have her in our family. Here are a few things about our girl:
  • She is the spark plug of the family for sure. 
  • She is really funny and makes us laugh all the time. She loves to be silly.
  • She is also VERY strong willed. She knows what she wants. She knows what she believes in. And she is very determined. I was told in bible study a few weeks ago that being strong willed and determined is a good quality!!! I hope that she will be determined to make the right choices and spread God's love. 
  • At four she knows all about Jesus and God. She is loving BSF and has learned so much this year between bible study, school, and church. 
  • I love listening to her pray and "talk to God." She has the best prayers and is very thoughtful, and sweet when she is saying them.
  • She loves to be the center of attention but gets upset when people laugh at her. She has a sensitive side and gets embarrassed easily- especially when she is in trouble. 
  • She is VERY SOCIAL. This girl is LOUD and is always looking for someone to talk to or make friends with. 
  • She is a busy body. She doesn't like to sit for very long. She likes to stay busy, busy. The days she is home with me, we have to be out doing something.  
  • She is coordinated. I think she is the most coordinated out of all three kids at this age. She is determined to do everything her siblings can do and has little fear of trying new things. 
  • Whenever Ellie shows us something new, you can bet Hadley is right behind her within minutes wanting to show us that she can do it too. I seem to have that song, "Anything you can do, I can do better....." playing in my head a lot.
  • She loves Gavin and Ellie and calls them "Gavy" and "Sissy." Sissy is her best friend and she loves playing with her. But she loves playing with Gavin too and is probably one of the few four year old girls who knows all the wrestlers and what they say.
  • Like her Sissy, she LOVES to sing. She has a great memory and memorizes songs quickly. Of course Taylor Swift is one of her favorites, but she has lots of favorite artists. Just from the Super Bowl, she picked up Madonna's new song and she sings it all the time. And Adelle. 
  • She told me the other day that when she grows up she wants to be a babysitter and a Mom.
  • She has a serious sweet tooth...but she also loves her veggies. She is a pretty good eater for the most part and will eat almost anything if we bribe her with dessert. 
  • For the last year Hadley has slept on a rug in her room. She swears it is more comfortable than her bed. 
  • Since she is our baby, I think we still treat her like a baby. We still carry her places many days and she will still sometimes ask for us to feed her. She likes being the baby. 
  • One of my favorite parts about her age right now is her snuggles. She climbs in bed with me every morning and snuggles. Most days she falls back asleep. 

We love this little four year old. I can not believe we only have one more year until she starts Kindergarten. I am trying to relish this time with her as I know I won't get it back. Happy 4th birthday to our baby girl, Hadley Faith. We sure are blessed to have you in our family and we love you VERY MUCH!!!


Courtney said...

Happy Birthday Hads!!! Wow, four! I love that she sleeps on a rug and love that last pic...what a ham!

Our Life Together said...

Happy birthday cutie!

ashley said...

I can't believe Hadley is 4 years old! I remember when she was a baby & wouldn't stay in the nursery at church! LOL! She is such a cute spunky girl! The part about her sleeping on the floor on the rug & not her bed made me laugh, how precious!