Wednesday, February 01, 2012

100 Years Old

To celebrate the 100th Day of School, the Kindergartners all dressed up today like they are 100 years old. Ellie was so excited. The girl could be dressed up in anything and it would make her day. We drew some wrinkles with eye-liner, powdered her face, got the bun up, sprayed her hair gray, added a cute pair of granny glasses, and pinned a old blanket with a broach around her. We had her all made up. I was so tempted to do some coral color lipstick and have it smeared around her lips...but we didn't. What a fun day for her and her friends!! They got to parade around the school this morning for all to see- and they were all giggles. Fun times, fun times.


Little Miss Sunshine said...

She looks so cute! :)
Love that the school has such festivities. What a fun time!

MKHKKH said...

I can't believe how great Ellie looks. Way to go mom! She looks like she is having a grand old time. :)