Friday, December 16, 2011


Whewww.... I am glad it's Friday. It's been a CRAZY week, but in all good fun. We had dances, Christmas parties, and lots of gifts to put together and buy for our teachers and coaches.

Hadley had her class party on Wednesday. I was happy to go help and enjoy in the festive party for Baby Jesus. They each had a sock Jesus that they rocked to silent night (my favorite part of the party). It was so cute. Hads sat on my lap as she rocked her baby Jesus so sweetly all wrapped up in a blanket and then placed him in the shoebox manger.

Then they decorated cookies and did a book exchange.

I LOVE, LOVE, her school and can't believe this is our 7th year there and third time to have Ms. Judy. We feel so blessed!

Being room mom for two classrooms in "Big School" took up a lot of my time this week month. Organizing the parties, and collecting gift cards and money for the teachers is time consuming. Yesterday was Gavin and Ellie's party and they happened to overlap so Frank came to help, and thankfully we have a lot of great parent volunteers in our classes! The parties were so much fun. The kids had a blast and loved every minute of it. Hadley joined us since she was out of school and got to participate in a lot of the activities too!

Here is one of the gift card baskets I had collected for and put together...I think it turned out cute...

And Today, the kids were excited to give all their "Specials" teachers (Music, art, p.e., keyboarding, and aides) starbucks gift cards that we packaged like a real drink. (Thanks to pinterest). "Thanks a "latte" for all you do for us. Merry Christmas."


I am really excited to have the kids home with me for the next two weeks. No schedules, no getting up, dressed and rushed out the door. And most importantly, I am excited to share in the incredible gift that we were given, Baby Jesus. I pray my kids really understand and soak in the Real meaning of Christmas! I am sure it was a busy week for everyone and I hope that the next few weeks will be restful for all of you!! Merry Almost Christmas!!!!

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Courtney said...

You have been busy! What a great time of year. I know you will love every minute of the holiday. XOXO