Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Eve Eve

Today was a busy, but fun packed day. I can not believe tomorrow is Christmas Eve already. Time definitely snuck up on me.

Today as a Morgan family tradition, everyone met at the French Tea room for lunch and pastries. I had a doctors appointment so I had to miss, but Frank was able to get off early and took the kids. They had a blast eating lunch with their cousins and Grandparents.

When they got home we made cookies for Santa. And made a Big Ol' Mess in the kitchen.

After cookies, Frank and I gave the kids their Christmas gifts from us.

I love Gavin and Hadley staring the gifts down while Ellie poses for the camera....This picture just makes me laugh.

They were so excited to unwrap duffel bags.

Little did they know we had hidden their Big gift inside. Their reactions were priceless....especially Hadley's. I don't have a good picture but she was jumping up and down screaming, "This is what I've always wanted!"

Ellie noticed there was something extra inside first...she and G got Kindle Fires.

And Hads a purple LeapPad.

After presents, we got ready for Church. We had our Christmas Eve Eve service tonight. It was WONDERFUL! The kids all sat in Big Church with us and I loved listening to them sing the carols.

The service helped us bring our focus back to what this season is all about. HIM!! I hope that the next two days are filled with focusing on Him and not the hustle and bustle of everything else.

Merry Almost Christmas Everyone!!!!

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