Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Taylor Swift 2011

My Dad told me last year that he wanted Ellie to remember being at a Taylor Swift concert with him. So when she announced her Speak Now tour, we started looking for tickets, which sold out quickly. This was Ellie's third Taylor concert, but her first with Mema and Pepa. We ended up having to use Stub Hub for our tickets, but my dad reminded me it was worth it for the Memory.

We have been counting down the days.

As luck would have it, I got a call the day before that Ellie was sick- with a stomach bug.

Thankfully, it was short lived and she was fine the next day to go. But she was still pretty lethargic and not her energetic self. So that was a bummer.

My sister and her husband also went with us. We left early to eat downtown before the show. My Dad picked a little hole in the wall for us to eat at called, Irma's. I had never been there. There were only five tables in the main eating area and the wait staff seemed really frazzled. And then we saw what looked like Taylor's Mom come out of a back room. Low and behold, we found out that Taylor Swift and her closest 100 family members and friends were eating there also in a private room. We thought that was pretty cool. ;0)

We then headed over to Minute Maid Park where the show was and found our awesome seats!! We were on the bottom level, row 15!!!

Frank stood in a ridiculously long line to get the girls their concert shirts.

The Concert was awesome. It was not just good music, she puts on an amazing show!

It was Hadleys first Taylor Swift concert and she LOVED it. We laughed because she was SO into it. She danced, clapped, jumped, and sang all the songs she knew. My mom and Dad kept passing her back and forth. And were amazed with how into it she was.

Out of the three times we have seen her, this was DEFINITELY the BEST concert yet. She sang from 8:30-11:15. It was such a great show. Nelly made a surprise appearance, and they sang together. That was pretty neat too.

Gavin was not too into the concert. Next time I should probably find somewhere for him to go. He sat in his seat with my iphone all night reloading espn.com to watch the LSU vs. Alabama game. Ha!

It is safe to say that on the way home, all three kiddos were WIPED out.

What a memorable night!


Our Life Together said...

That is so neat that ALL of you went to the concert. Looks like a great time! Glad the girls enjoyed it so much and that Gavin had his own entertainment. Great memories!!!

parsonsfamily said...

how much fun!!! I love that Taylor happened to be at the same restaurant....pretty impressed by your dad's pick! Cracks me up that Gavin was more interested in the football game, total boy! Glad you guys had a great night!

Courtney said...

Those were some awesome seats! A wonderful memory for sure with mema and pepa, i love that.

MKHKKH said...

What a wonderful night! Great seats!! That is so great your parents went with you. Special grandparents for sure. I would have to drag my Dad kicking and screaming. :) Memories to last a lifetime.

tayton said...

That's awesome! What a great memory with fun grandparents.
PS. I want to go next time. I won't yell too loud. :)

Grandma Tic-Tac said...

What a great night for everyone!! I heard it was the best concert.
If you ever have room for one more I would love to join the the memory making!!