Thursday, October 27, 2011

Landry Brooke

On Wednesday I got to experience the miracle of childbirth. It was definitely the highlight of my year. My sweet friend had asked me after she found out she was pregnant, to be in the room. And I have been excited ever since. I was honored to get to witness and watch her baby girl come into the world. Stacy was a trooper and did an AMAZING job! And little Miss Landry is healthy, perfect, and just BEAUTIFUL!! She was born at 12:28 pm weighing just what her Mama had guessed, 7lbs. 3oz. I am so excited to watch this little girl grow and to be a part of her life. No matter how many times you give birth or witness birth, it is truly a miracle every single time. God is good. Welcome to the world, Landry!! What a blessing you are!


Team Dale said...

Landry was the missing link to one of my very favorite families...what a special special person you are in her life to be there to witness this joyous occasion. I love the pictures!! So so happy for the McKellar Family for their new beautiful baby girl, and soooo sooo happy for you that you have that forever memory with her!

stacy said...

Thank you so much for all the amazing pictures! Loved, loved that you shared such a very special moment with us.