Friday, October 21, 2011

Catching up

Been Busy.

Been going non stop since last week. Frank was out of town for two days and the kids and I had some bonding time. We made homemade pizza and I surprised them with the Lion King. I love the new release. We got it in 3D along with Blue Ray. So fun! The kids love the movie as much as I used to.

This week Nanny celebrated her 91st birthday. We took her out to Pappadeaux's for dinner to celebrate. She is 91, but you would think she is much younger. I swear she is more with it than I am. I so hope her genes are strong in me. She was so cute as the restaurant sang Happy Birthday to her. I think she had a great birthday.

The next day was Muffins with Mom. The two big kids and I left bright and (too) early. But it was fun.

Then Hadley went to spend the day with my mom so that I could chaperon Ellie and her class on their field trip. :) We went to 7 Acre Woods. The kids all loved it. It was all fun and games until I lost a kid. Luckily we found him.

Today was Book Character Parade. Gavin's new addiction to baseball and the Cardinals being in the World Series prompted his book, Meet the Cardinals. And Ellie's love of Taylor Swift and the fact that we are going to see her in a few weeks prompted her Book, Taylor Swift. ;0)

We went to take pictures of the parade for yearbook this morning, the kids were all so cute!!

Ellie gave a quick smile...

But with Gavin it took a lot of screaming his name to get him to even look our way...But we got a quick wave...

Kids had a half day of school today so we just got back from a special lunch- McDonalds. The kids know it's a special day when we get to eat there. ;0)

We are continuing the trend with a busy weekend, but we are looking forward to it.

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Kristyn said...

awe, glad that you guys have had a great fun week. Love their character costumes!!!