Friday, September 02, 2011

Hadley's Meet the Teacher


Hadley has been so sad that G and E started school and she hasn't yet. Last night was finally Meet the Teacher. Hadley was VERY excited. Like Ellie wanting Gavin's old teachers, Hadley wants their old teachers too. This year Hadley will have Ms. Judy who has taught both Gavin and Ellie. She is an amazing lady and teacher and I feel so blessed that Hads will get to know her this year. Ms. Judy will quickly see how different all three of my kiddos are. ;o) Ms. Jaunita is her other teacher and we have never had her but she was very warm and welcoming last night. I know it's going to be a GREAT year!!! And to top it all off she has MANY of her old friends in her class. YEAH!!! Next Wednesday will be our first day. We are More than READY!!!

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Our Life Together said...

So lucky to have friends in her class. Luke has not one from last year. Wish him and hads were at the same school since they will be in K together. She is so precious and getting so big! Miss you!