Friday, July 08, 2011

Paper Flower

Every summer I buy crafts to do over the summer. I bought stuff to make tissue paper flowers back in April and we just got to doing it yesterday. This summer is sneaking away from me and I feel like all the things I planned to do with them at home are not happening. But yesterday was the perfect day to make tissue paper flowers. And boy did they love it. We made LOTS and LOTS of flowers. They were all so proud of their flowers. Lexie told me she is going to be a teacher when she grows up and these flowers are going in her classroom. So cute. I got lots of thank you's, and I love you's from this crew.

Gavin was very particular with the colors he chose. And when he was finished he ran to the kitchen and told me not to go in there. Thirty minutes later he came back and handed me a sheet of paper and his flowers.

On the paper he had written:
Dear Mom and Dad. These flowers I am giving you are representing our family. The white one is Mommy. White means as soft as the snow. Orange is Daddy. Orange means as sweet as an orange. Blue is Gavin. Blue means as blue as the sky. Red is for Ellie. Red means as sweet as a cherry. Yellow is for Hadley. Yellow means as funny as a lemon.
To Mom and Dad.
From Gavin

And then he had me smell the flowers because he went and found the smelly markers and marked the edges so they would smell pretty.

My sweet boy. Oh how I love this sweet, sweet boy. He is one of a kind. I am a lucky Mama.

I'd have to say that tissue paper flowers were a big hit with everyone!!!


Team Dale said...

SOOOOO STINKIN' SWEET (love that he used smelly markers) he is so him. Love the craft, you are super I busted out the playdoh and thought I need a trophy for being that brave!

andrea said...

natalie made these ADORABLE flowers for Emma Lael's birthday they are in a vase on our table...i LOVE them! your kids are so darn cute!