Friday, April 01, 2011

A Week in Review

Swim Lessons. Hadley learned to swim last summer, but forgot how to or at least I thought she had. She jumped into the pool without anyone else in the pool a few weeks ago and did a mermaid kick. Frank said it was a 50/50 shot if she would have saved herself. He jumped in and saved her. So I quickly signed her up for swim lessons again. Wouldn't you know, that the day before she started she swam across the pool. Funny how that happens. But I am still really impressed with the sweet lady teaching her and how she got her to float on her back the very first day. Mrs. B is REALLY good at her job and Hadley adores her! Her instructor tells me that we have swim meets in our future and maybe even a kid swimming for the gold. She is a little fish. And is doing really well with her floating.

Art Lessons. Ellie had a private art lesson this week. She loved it. I think we are going to sign up for regular lessons. She started with the color wheel. With the three primary colors she made this:

And learned all about Primary, secondary and tertiary colors along with the compliment color.

Ice Cream man. He comes once a week now. And it's a great business for the ice cream man because treats are no longer 50-75 cents. Oh no. This man is making 2-3 dollars a treat. But the kids love it!! So when I actually have cash I give in.

Play date. A neighbor asked Hadley to come over for a play date this week. I sent her in an Aggie cheerleading outfit. Not on purpose. Hadley had actually dressed herself. But my friend sent her home like this. Yes, she's a die hard Tiger Fan.

Spinklers. The weather has been really weird this week. Yesterday we were wearing jackets in the morning and then playing in the neighbors sprinkler by the afternoon.

Running Club. A few weeks ago a group of about 15 kids in the neighborhood decided to start a running club. Every Monday and Thursday they meet and run a mile around our neighborhood. Gavin brings Tippy and they all love it. One of the moms hands out treats and prizes as they run. It's been three weeks and the kids are still excited to run. Not sure how much longer it will last when the Texas heat starts blazing.


Our Life Together said...

A lot to comment on! :)
Go Hadley on the swimming. I need to get Luke in swim lessons for sure.
I love the art lesson for Ellie. Lucky girl.
Running club is very cool and great exercise obviously. I need to join. Glad they got it started now rather than when it is blazing HOT! Won't be long.
You are such a great Mommy!!!

Our Life Together said...

P.S. I have been dreaming of Cabo with this warm weather lately.

Courtney said...

So many fun spring things! I love your little fish (she is so great! She and Cate are two peas in a pod on many levels.) and the art lessons, how fun! Oh and the running club. what a great idea. Can I join? ;)

tayton said...

I love all the bullet points. What lucky duck kiddos with all they have going on! I think you're gearing up for a great summer!

Toni said...

So fun! You are always so great at catching all that your kiddos do and blogging it! Love the running club!!
And.....yes, Nichole is right, I could use some Cabo too....