Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Zoo- Literally

Two of my girlfriends and I took our kids to the zoo last week. It was a GORGEOUS day for the ZOO and everyone in Houston who wasn't out of town thought so too. It took an hour to get there and almost two hours to park. They even closed the zoo parking lot and wouldn't let us in because it was so full. That was a first. Luckily for the Suburban and my friends Tahoe, we weren't afraid to jump a curb, and stalk people walking out of the zoo for a parking spot. After driving around for nearly 1.5 hours we decided we had no other choice. Needless to say, once inside it was awesome and gorgeous and the kids had a GREAT time seeing all the animals and hanging out with their friends. It was worth the trip there and the TWO hour drive home where I thought I was going to run out of gas and didn't notice until I was in the far left lane of four lanes, in rush hour traffic, Downtown. Yes, that was fun. My friend had her head out the window and was asking cars to let us over. What an adventure. We finally made it to the gas station with 0 miles until empty. Thankful we made it home.


Emily said...

That's completely crazy! I can't believe it took almost 2 hours to park. I think I would have given up after maybe 30 minutes. So glad it worked out and y'all had fun!

ashley said...

Wow, you are a brave woman to brave the zoo during spring break! Glad you had a good time & that you made it home without running out of gas!