Monday, February 07, 2011

The Latest

I had my first scan since treatment last Thursday down at MDA. Everything looked great. Nothing looked concerning. And my blood work looked good. They are pretty certain that the medicine isn't causing my foggy brain and dizzy spells. But they do think they have the answers. I had a CT scan done and an ENG and they found that I have permanent damage to my inner ear on the right side which sends mixed signals to my brain causing this craziness. My doctor said he would be shocked if I wasn't disoriented. So I start vestibular rehabilitation this week. We are hopeful with doing this three times a week for 4-6 weeks, I will be feeling better soon. They are going to retrain my brain because the damage is not fixable. Fun times, fun times. Everyone who I have told asks if it's from the surgery and from what they tell me the answer is "no." They said most likely I had a virus settle in there and damage the area. So that is the latest. I am very fortunate to be cancer free, now if I can just get my old self back. Hopefully SOON!!!! Hopefully very soon...

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Julie Marler (Mammy) said...

Glad your report was good but sorry you're still having problems with your ear issue. When you explained that it was most likely from a virus that settled in your ear that brought to mind another familiar story. Robin's mother lost her hearing in one ear when she was a small child. The drs said she had a virus that settled in her ear and it literally made her lose her hearing.

Also, when Brandon was in 9th grade - I took him for an athletic physical so he could play high school basketball and tennis. We had changed school districts that summer and he was new at his high school that year and had missed all the school physicals the previous spring. I firmly believe that God used that physical to save his life. As the nurse was taking his pulse she noticed an irregular heartbeat. She pointed it out to the dr and the dr immediately sent us to TX Childrens's (yes that very night) for testing. After a heart biopsy (a few day later) we found out that he too had had a virus that chose to attack his heart. If we had not found it then - he could have easily been one of those athletes that you hear about on the news that drops dead on the basketball court. He was never able to play high school sports but God had protected him!!

So while this is all disheartening to you, "Count it all Joy"!! God may be using all sorts of things to protect you from something much worse!! I praise God all the time for Him taking us down a path that could have turned out much worse!!!