Friday, November 12, 2010

Houston Texans

Last minute we were invited to the Houston Texans game on G's birthday weekend. The tickets were ridiculously cheap, and we knew the kids would love it. And we were going with Uncle Scott, Aunt Tay, Weenie, and Paw Paw, so we had plenty of help if I got too tired. The kiddos had a blast and enjoyed all the health food a football game could offer. (nachos, hot dogs, cotton candy and snow cones). The Texans lost, but it was still a blast. I think Hadley surprisingly was the MOST into the game. She cheered, clapped and danced to all the songs played. She's was a riot. Thanks for the invite Scott and Tay!!

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tayton said...

What a great game! I had so much fun sharing the experience with the kiddos. You know Hadley will be the one doing the "cheerleader moves". ;) Good times.