Sunday, November 14, 2010

Foggy Brained

It was a long week. But a good week because I was home. A hard week because I have learned a new meaning to the word exhaustion. But a great week because I got to see and love all over my kids. I was hoping once starting the synthroid, it would be a miracle drug and just start working and each day getting better. But after taking it, and talking to my doctor it is going to take weeks and maybe months for it to build up in my system. So until then, I am tired, foggy brained, and forgetful. Oh sweet Health, I can not wait for you to return! Oh how I miss you!

My poor dad is right there with me waiting for health to return. The day after his surgery he went back into AFIB. And they told him that his heart is enlarged from the surgery and from being in AFIB for so long. So Tuesday he will have his heart shocked again and then they will see how it does. If it goes back into AFIB then he will most likely have another surgery in a few months. Please keep him in your prayers as well this week.

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Kelly said...

Still praying for you and all your family! Love you bunches!