Thursday, September 16, 2010

She Wants to Be JUST Like Her Big Sister

Pardon the lack of clothes, this just happened to be after dinner. And well, the kids usually eat in their undies around here or else our clothes get stained because they tend to be quite messy.

Guess Hadley was tired of watching her sister perform for us daily and nightly. Okay, ALL. THE. TIME.

So tonight after Ellie showed us her back bend.

We hear, "Look at me!"
Guess who just randomly tried it on her own with no help and then was screaming for us to see her??? I was shocked. Guess we have another future gymnast in the family.

No help. No encouraging. She just thought to try it all on her own. And did pretty well I might add for a first attempt.

I just thought it was so cute. She really does want to be just like her big sister and do all the things Ellie can do!


Our Life Together said...

What a big girl! Go Hadley. I stopped by Stacy's the other morning and both Ellie and Lexie were showing off their moves. Too cute.

Kristyn said...

Wow! I'm so impressed! Way to go Hads! Such cuties!

Laura said...

Too cute!!! Hailey does EXACTLY the same thing at our house...I am always so impressed how quickly they learn watching their siblings. Hailey mastered her forward roll way faster than maddie LOL

Courtney said...

monkey see-monkey do! Love it! Hadley is such a fiesty thing, she'll be keeping up with her sis, no problem!

ashley said...

That is impressive! Way to go girls!

Toni said...

So cute! Hads wants to be just like sweet Ellie, love it! Carter is the same way with Kate, if Kate does it or has it, Carter wants a piece of the action!!