Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Round 2 of Meet the Teacher

Tonight has been the long anticipated night where Ellie and Hadley got to go meet their teachers. Their school doesn't start until after Labor day so they have been asking for days (since G started school) "When do we get to go?" Ellie was so excited and Hadley joined in on her enthusiasm. Ellie's been cheering throughout the day, "I. GET. TO. GO. TO. MEET. THE. TEACHER. TONIGHT. OHHH YEAH." It's kind of a mix between a cheerleader and a rapper. The girl cracks me up.

This is a Big year for Ellie. You see, ever since I found out I was having an August baby, (almost six years ago) I knew I would hold her back so she would be the oldest in her class. Being a former teacher, I have seen the advantages of being the oldest. And I see it first hand with Gavin. Not to mention G and E are almost 2 years apart in age, G just happens to be the oldest of his class. And if I hold her, Gavin, Ellie, and Hadley will all be two years apart in school. But I never knew or anticipated how hard that decision would really be. She is SO BEYOND READY!!! Yet so tiny. Should we do transition, Pre-k twice, or Kinder twice? We prayed, we debated, and we went back and forth for months and we are feeling really happy with our decision. She will do Private Kindergarten this year at the Christian school we have been at and and love and then public next year. I don't want her to feel like she is being held back, and hopefully with a new school for Kindergarten the following year, she won't feel that way. In every way but her birthday she is READY.

She LOVE, LOVE, LOVES her teachers. They had sent her a letter this summer with their picture and she has it in a frame in her room and shows everyone who comes over. She is counting down the days for school to start and is very eager to have homework and to learn. She has done so well this summer with reading and I think she will really take off this year.

After tonight there is no doubt in my mind we DID make the right decision. This girl is READY!!!! READY!!! READY!!! And so VERY excited!

And Hadley, Oh Hadley. God Bless her sweet teachers. I hope that her new teachers will enjoy her personality as much as her teachers did last year. She was excited to have her friend Izzy in her class although she refused to let me take a picture of them. This was the best we could do:

But when the teacher asked her if she could take her picture she sure gave them a big grin for the camera...not once, but twice. Frank and I recognized a lot of the parents in her room so it will be fun to get to know them better and I know she will make a lot of new friends. But I am a little nervous for the first few days as she is very, "Mommy, Mommy" right now. We haven't really left her anywhere over the summer so she is starting to be very attached again. But she will adjust. And who knows, she may surprise me. Here she is with her new teachers:

I am hoping and praying that they have LOTS, and LOTS of energy- Because they will need it!!!

School starts next week, and we are all very excited!!


Our Life Together said...

So glad you feel so at peace with your decision! I think it is a great one too (not that my opinion

Again, Hadley and Luke and their energy...whew. I am praying little man does well too. Maybe it is a good thing they aren't together. lol. She looks adorable! Luke is going through a BIG mommy stage right now too. Even waking up around 3 am saying, "Lukey need see mommy again!" Oh dear, let this separation anxiety go away soon. Praying for an easy adjustment for both Luke and Hadley.

Love to see the pics of your precious kiddos as usual!

Honeyman 4 said...

I am so with you. I just wrote that "I don't think you can ever regret getting one more year with a child" on my blog! I am so happy with our choice too, especially as I see little E going to big school. :)

ashley said...

I was looking for you guys last night, but didn't see you. I'm happy that you are at peace with your decision for Ellie. Ellie looks so excited about school & she's going to have a great year! Hadley is too cute! I love her personality & all of her energy!
James & I have decided that we're keeping Abigail at home an extra year too. We would rather her be the oldest one in her class than the youngest & smallest. We met Abigail's teachers last night. She has Ms. Julie & Ms. Kristen. Abigail is so excited & ready to start preschool!

Emily said...

I'm so glad you're happy with your decision! That's so great. They are so grown up! And I kind of expected Hadley to have a picture with her teachers like Presley! Ha ha! Good chatting with you today!

Courtney said...

I don't think you can go wrong with waiting another year for Ellie. Glad it feels right for all of you!

Kristyn said...

Oh they are such beauties! I love their headbands!! I hope they do great in school this year! :)