Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Just So I Can Remember

Went to the doctor for Ellie's 5 year old well check and Hads came too.

Ellie at 5 years old:

33 pounds - 7%
39.25 inches tall- 3%

The nurse passed up the height chart on the wall and when I asked if she was going to measure her height she said, "How old is she?? I was going to do it on the table paper in the exam room." Once she realized she was 5 she was embarrassed and let her do the height by standing against the wall like all the other big kids do. Seriously now, she doesn't look that small....

Hadley at 2.5 years old is:

25 pounds - 8%
33.5 inches tall- 8%

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Our Life Together said...

You have such petite little girlies. Too cute.