Friday, August 20, 2010


Today my big girl turned 5. FIVE. I can hardly believe it has been FIVE years since I gave birth to her and met her for the first time. What joy she has brought to my life. From the second I found out she was a girl, I had all these dreams and thoughts about what it would be like to have a daughter. I am so in love with her and lucky to be her Mommy. She has really grown up a lot this last year. She is an awesome big sister to Hadley and a great little Mommy to her. She is always looking out for her and consoling her when she is sad. She is in LOVE with her Daddy. IN LOVE. Definitely a Daddy's girl. And she wants to be just like her big brother and she learns so much from him. She is starting to have her own opinions about what she wears, what color she wants her nailpolish, and what jewelry she wants to wear. She is starting to want her hair done the way she wants it. (Lately a side pony that I can never do quite right because she wants it to look like the side pony from the 80's) Guess you could say she is getting really independent. It makes me sad to watch her grow before my eyes, yet happy for her and proud of her for the little girl she is growing to be. She is so excited to grow up. She is a determined little girl and knows exactly what she wants to be when she grows up- a singer- on CMT. LOL. Slow down Ellie, your Mama is trying to take it all in.

I love you Elle Bells. Thanks for being such a sweet, loving girl and an amazing daughter!!

Happy Fifth Birthday!!

August 20, 2005

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tayton said...

Happy Birthday Ellie! I can't believe you are 5! Beautiful photos, Lace!

The Guess Family said...

She is beautiful!!! 5 is such a "Big" age! We are definitely having the same things around here....Big opinions about clothes, hair, everything, and a FIERCE determination to be independent. Such fun watching them grow.

Addison did start riding the bus home. I remember your post from last year about Gavin, and like him she was RELENTLESS in her begging. She wanted to ride so bad and all her neighborhood friends are riding with her. No option for that at the drop-off time, but that is okay, once a day is enough for me right now!!!

Good luck with everyone's first days of school!

stacy said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Ellie! Are you REALLY 5?? We love you SO, SO much sweet girl.

Allison said...

How did u stay so adorable for five straight years??? We love u Ellie and have loved watching you shine that smile as you have grown!!! You are truly one of a kind, you have always and will always melt hearts... Happy birthday sweet sweet little Ellie!!

MKHKKH said...

Happy birthday Sweet girl! What a lovely little lady you are growing! Growing pains hurt. :0)

Mike and Jess Richey said...

What a precious little girl! Happy birthday Ellie!!