Thursday, July 29, 2010

Fruit Pizza

I have had a headache the last few days and haven't wanted to get out and do much. So today as we were inside we decided to cook. The kids love baking with me, and this was the perfect dessert to make with little helpers. I ate this a lot back when I was young, but haven't made it in years. It was delicious!! As good as I remembered, and I think the rest of the family agreed!!

I pretty much made it from memory. So it may be different than the original recipe...but here is how I made it...

1 large cool whip
1 block of cream cheese
a little vanilla (to taste)
a little powdered sugar (to taste)

2 sugar cookie rolls (you know the slice and bake kind in the fridge section)

crushed pineapple
mandarin oranges
(or any fruit you'd like)

1. Roll out both sugar cookie rolls to make a crust in a pizza pan. Cook on 350 for 16-18 minutes or until starting to brown. LET COOL
2. Mix cool whip, cream cheese, vanilla, and powdered sugar in a mixer until smooth.
3. When cookie is completely cool, you can put the cream cheese mixture on.
4. Drain crushed pineapple and sprinkle on top. (reserve juice)
5. slice the remaining fruit and arrange around the pizza. I dip the bananas in the reserved juice as it is supposed to stop them from browning quickly.

(Yes we may have gotten a little tattoo happy today too)


Our Life Together said...

Looks so yummy and refreshing! Sorry you are still having headaches. This weather is so screwy. Feel better!!!

ChrissyK said...

Yummmm. I like the way you do it. I like mixing the cool whip and cream cheese... sounds to me that that makes it easier to spread.
One thing to add to your awesome recipe... use flavored cream cheese... I use strawberry. :O) Oh... and if you wanna unhealthy-ize it... use gummy worms too here and there.
Ok, you made me want to make it now!!!

BTW... I am so sorry we missed you the other day at the hospital. :( We would have loved to see ya.

ashley said...

I love dessert pizzas! That dessert looks so yummy! I love reading all your blog posts of baking & cooking with the kids!

Kelly Marler said...

YUM!!!! Looks so good! I want to make one now!

Lisa W said...

Yummy! Thanks for the recipe. We made it tonight and it was delicious. We changed up the fruit a bit but followed everything else. It was great!!