Monday, June 07, 2010

Schools Out for Summer and Catching Up...

Can't help but sing that song when you say, "Schools out for summer." We are thrilled here in the Morgan house hold to be DONE with another year of school. G came down with a fever last week and missed the last three "fun" days of school. As bummed as he was to miss, he is stoked to be on Summer Break. I was room mom this year for his class and left on a girls trip before school got out so I did make it by to give his teacher her end of the year gift on his actual last day. :)

Here is G on his first and last day:

Ellie and Hadley finished up their preschool classes three weeks ago. All three kiddos had a great year and I can't believe next year I will have G in First Grade, Ellie in Private K (then Big kid K when she is 6), and Hadley in the 2-3's. Wow, time goes fast.

E on her first and Last:

And Hadley Faith:

In other news, Gavin's flag football team made it to the playoffs...and Gavin made the winning touchdown and tackle to bring them to their Superbowl. And guess which team won??? You guessed it. G was so thrilled to have EARNED a trophy and not just be given one for playing. And according to Frank he was super excited to have the pizza buffet after the awards ceremony. I was out of town on a girls trip and got the text saying they won. I did have a mini meltdown at the breakfast table and had to wipe away the tears as I was so happy for him, proud of him, and felt a tad bit guilty for missing his big game. But Frank did send me these pictures from his phone so I could see what went down:

Which brings me to my long weekend, which I will post about soon.... I just returned from a fun trip with three of my girlfriends. We had planned a trip to Cabo a few months back and were supposed to go in April, but ended up postponing until June. So, I just returned from a relaxing, beautiful get away with the girls and am so thankful they invited me along for the trip.

While I was gone, Frank managed to take them to Galveston for the day, the country club pool, and lots of restaurants by himself. To say he can handle three kids just fine is an understatement. Thank you babe for taking off work so I could go have fun, and for being the wonderful Husband and Daddy that you are. Here are a few pics from their weekend:

Today they woke up with just me and have been asking all day what all we are doing. "What's next, what else can we do..."...and summer has just begun. I think they may be a little disappointed that Daddy is back at work.


Kelly said...

So sweet! I just love your blog. My kiddos always have more fun with daddy too, maybe because they rarely see! Hope your girls trip was a blast! Let's get together soon!!

Courtney said...

I love seeing the first and last day pictures. Ellie has really grown up! Can't wait to see a Cabo post. :)

ashley said...

Your kiddos are precious! I know you're one proud Mama! I can't wait for Abigail to start at Sonkids in the fall!