Saturday, May 15, 2010


I volunteer at G's school every Monday and love getting to know the kids in his class. Grant is one of Gavin's best friends in class and I have gotten to know him well this year. He is such a sweet boy and I must say has the most similar personality to G out of anyone I have ever met. They are two peas in a pod. Gavin was so excited to have him come over and spend the night.

Ellie also has been asking for awhile for a sleepover. She too has never had anyone spend the night. She was so excited when Lexie was able to come over. I love those girls relationship. They really are like sisters. Being four days apart...and sitting in the same hospital bassinet together when Lex was born, they may as well have been twins. :) I hope that they will forever have this close friendship.

It was a FUN night at the Morgan house.

The boys swam right when they got home from school before the rain came:

When the girls got home, we all went to the park to play:

Then we all came in for some PIZZA when Daddy got home:

Then we made ice cream sundaes with candy toppings. They were pretty excited...(And on a side note, has anyone tried M&M pretzels? I discovered them last night- yum!)

Then we got the sleeping bags out and made pallets on the floor and watched a movie.:

Even Hads was in on the action in her sleeping bag:

Ellie eventually fell asleep like this:

The boys made "tent city" upstairs in the game room and played DS's, army guys, and watched Toy Story while laying down:

I'm pretty sure the boys stayed up later than anyone. Even me.

Ellie woke up everyone bright and early and Frank went and got us all donuts:

It was a fun FIRST in the Morgan house. A FUN FIRST indeed. Frank and I were talking this morning. If we knew it was going to be that easy, and that much fun...we definitely would have done it before last night.


stacy said...

Lexie had a BLAST! Thanks so much making her first sleepover a memorable one.

ashley said...

How fun! Looks like the kids all had a good time too!