Sunday, March 07, 2010

No More Training Wheels

Today Frank was cleaning out the garage and Ellie saw G's old bike and said, "I want to ride this one without training wheels." So Frank put her on and first try, little Miss Ellie Belly took off. No need to coach her much on how to ride a bike without training wheels...just how to stop. Her little legs are just so short that she can't touch the ground. So when she stops, instead of putting her foot down like a normal person would, she has to lean the bike to the side and put her foot down. We are still working on that part. Today she'd just crash and jump up with a smile and say, "I'm okay." I think it will be a matter of days and her pretty little blue beach bike will be training wheel free. We were so proud of her and she was so proud of herself. She kept telling me, "I am so proud of myself." She said, "I am not old enough to ride without training wheels and I did it." Sooo cute. I just love her. What a little BIG girl!
And on a side note, she informed her Daddy this morning that they will dance to "I Loved Her First" at her wedding. And as I type this she is at the rodeo with her girlfriend seeing the Jonas Brothers. I tell you what...this little girl is growing before my very eyes.


Courtney said...

Love the classic pictures of Frank running behind her while she grins from ear to ear! Way to go Ellie!

The Guess Family said...

Good for her!!! We had actually planned on taking Addison's off this weekend, but didn't get to it. We have lots of hills, so it might be tricky!

Addison is going to Kindergarten next year. She is ready...I am not. Thank goodness, it is only 1/2 day here. She is a May bday and in Texas, I am not sure I would have sent her, but here, if you make the cut-off, you go, no one really waits. Also, she is so tall....usually a full head taller than her peers. If I hold her she will TOWER over everyone. I just keep telling Tommy that he can't get transferred anywhere in the next year, because I don't want to send her to full day K.

You have a tough decisison. As a teacher, I would have always said hold an August bday, but I know Ellie is probably ready. 2nd child, girl, independent....she might be bored if you wait!

tayton said...

Go Ellie! You will always be the queen of the cruiser! :)

ashley said...

Awe how cute!! It brings back memories of when I learned how to ride a bike! Such fun memories! "I loved her First" was the song I danced with my Dad at my wedding!