Friday, November 20, 2009

Thanksgiving Feast

G had his Thanksgiving feast today. It was really cute. Frank came and met us. I have been up at school a lot this week helping them get ready for today. We made HUGE teepee's for each class which was a lot of work. We let the kids sew the buffalo skin (crumpled paper bags that were tea stained). They also made their outfits, turkey place mats, and made a large Mayflower boat as a class.
The kids also took a "pretend" trip on the Mayflower. Each kid had to pack a bag of goodies from home that we thought the Pilgrims might have brought in their one bag on the boat. Gavin thought of great things, the real necessities. But my heart smiled when he got his bible and said they needed their bible so they could read about God while on the boat. I would definitely say that is a necessity!! And I had to laugh when he suggested Flowers. I looked puzzled and he said, because they'll be on the boat for a long time and they may stink, the flowers will make it smell better. :) I love him.
Wish I had my video camera today as they sang a sweet song before the feast, but I forgot it. It was a great end to a fun week at school. Here is our little Indian. He was stoked because after the Feast I took him home with me. Although he LOVES school, he loves starting the weekend early. :)


Grandma Tic-Tac said...

What a wonderful celebration Gavin had at school!!

He is looking pretty grown up. :(

Amy said...

Cute costumes. How much fun that G and Lily are in the same class????

Our Life Together said...

They look so cute at their feast! Hope you guys have a great week. Happy Turkey DAY!

ashley said...

How fun!! I love how Gavin always has this great big grin on his face!! What a handsome little boy & he looks like he's having so much fun!!