Monday, September 21, 2009

First Day of Preschool..

I had signed Hadley up for Preschool last Spring, but then withdrew her and Ellie when the Birmingham move came up. I re-enrolled her in Bham and even paid first and last month tuition there for her. I was sure she would love school. When our house fell through, her spot had been filled here so she was put on a waiting list.
I had met the teachers and they seemed really nice but as soon as they called last week and said there was an opening, my heart sank. I was sad at the thought of not having my girl with me. She could have started last week, but I was uncertain and she did have a runny nose so I kept her home and changed my mind every other second. One hour I couldn't stand the thought of her gone, the next as she was throwing a tantrum in Target, School was the best option. LOL. I thought it would be fun for her to go play with other kids instead of running errands with me, but then part of me thinks she is still so little and needs to stay home with me.
She is my youngest to ever start preschool. Ellie started when she was 2 and Gavin started at 21 months. Gavin was in her same class and it was the best thing we ever did for him. He was a late talker and he really blossomed that year and made friends that he is still really close with. He met his best friends in that class. But, Hadley- sweet ol' Hadley. Lately I have been thinking that maybe I am really good with three kiddos. Maybe I really don't want a forth. Things are easy now, we've got the hang of it, a forth may rock our world. So IF she is my last, my baby, it is hard to let her go.
But, after talking over and over with Frank about it, we decided to try it out today. I sent her and she did great. As I was signing her in, she leaned out of my arms to her teacher. I think with her dropping Ellie and Gavin off all of last year with me, and Ellie this year, she was excited. She always says "play, play" when we drop Ellie off. She always wants to stay and play. It is a little different though in her class as a lot of the kids are crying. I really don't want to send her for just a "babysitter" so I can get things done. I want her to go because she really likes it. I think she will enjoy doing the crafts, singing and playing with other kids her age. That has to be much more fun than running around with Mommy, right? So, I guess we'll see how it goes. See if she really loves it the next few times I bring her. If not, you will be seeing a withdraw post. But, for now, here is Hadley's first day of Preschool. I must say, she did great- even slept on her nap mat at nap time. I think preschool for her is rougher on Mom.

Before leaving.. (My lens was fogged..darn it)..
Her and her sweet teachers:


amanda said...
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amanda said...

goodness, these babies of ours sure do grow up WAAAAY too fast, don't they?! so glad she loved her first day!

amanda said...

i noticed like twelve typos in that first comment so i had to delete it...don't want it to look like i just stay at home and talk to babies all day, right? ;)

Courtney said...

She sounds like a real go-getter girl. I know she will do great!!! Love her shoes too! ;)

Kristyn said...

wow...i'm glad that she did great. I think that its funny that you said something about a fourth....i was thinking in your last post with that pic of the baby and all your kids..I was going to tell you that your family looked totally complete with a fourth baby :) HEHE...anyways..i'm glad that she had a great time.

Lindsay said... you did it! I'm sure she's loving it and you can have some "me time." Yay for that!