Saturday, June 13, 2009

Summer Camps

Gavin did Tennis Camp this past week and loved it. He played tennis the first half of the morning and then went swimming the second half. It was a big hit!! He is already asking me to sign him up for another week.

Ellie, had Fancy Nancy Camp this past week. She got to dress up like Fancy Nancy and accessorize. Needless to say she loved it! She played Fancy Nancy Games, got her finger and toe nails painted, glitter make-up and hair, fancy tattoos, ate a special tea party lunch and danced... What girl wouldn't love that??

No camp for Hadley...but a cute picture...while Ellie was getting dolled up one morning her boa was laying around and Hadley put it on and was running all over the house. She loved it!!

And she didn't forget her morning kiss to Tippy!! She kisses Tippy through the window a couple times a day, I think it's the sweetest thing and was so happy to get a picture of it...

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Courtney said...

I want to go to Fancy Nancy camp too! Sounds like a child version of the spa, lol! She looks just like you in that first picture. Such a doll. What a blast they are having already this summer!