Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Anniversary Honey

I can't believe it has been six years since we said "I do." Six years-WOW! On one hand I feel like it was yesterday and on the other I can't believe it's only been six. (I mean after all, we do have three kids!) I love our life. I feel so lucky to have you as my husband. Thank you for your love and for being the most amazing man, husband, and father. I love you with all of my heart. XOXOXOX

The Early Days.

Our first trip out of town together...

Our Engagement

Florida 2002

Our wedding

Our Honeymoon..

We become parents to Gavin Frank Morgan....
G's First Birthday
Look Who is going to be a Big Brother..

Our First Daughter, Ellie Elizabeth..
Komen 2006
Beth and Dog..

Our Four Year Anniversary.

Playa 2007

5 Years

Komen 2007

Number 3, Hadley Faith arrives...
Our Family of Five


Ashley McWhorter said...

Happy anniversary and father's day! Hope they are both great!!!! :)

Scott said...

Happy Anniversary! Love you both tons!

Emily said...

Happy anny! 6 years and 3 kids--wow!

Jessica said...

Happy Anniversary! I forsee many more years of happiness to come!

Anonymous said...

I love the pics! It's so fun to see you both through the years! Happy Anniversary! You've had a busy 6 years!:)


Marlers said...

Lacey! I LOVED watching this! I loved knowing you for most of these pictures. I loved being pregnant together with our first babies. I loved being a 1st time mom with you during those days when we knew nothing about being a mom. I loved/love hanging out with you and our hubs. I loved having our 2nd babies together. I loved that you welcomed my 3rd baby into this world!! I just love being your friend and am so thankful for you and Frank. We adore you and are so thankful for your marriage and children that have blessed our lives so much! :))

Amy said...

Congrats, the years go by fast dont they?? Hope you guys had a great day. Happy fathers day Frank.