Saturday, May 03, 2008

Every year I look forward to the SonKids Preschool Program. It is so cute to see your kids on stage singing songs they have been practicing all year long. This year Gavin's class changed their song the day of the program because their track wouldn't play on the CD but they still did great. Gavin was a little ham on stage and REALLY got into it. He loves to perform! Ellie was a little unsure, but once she saw me and blurted out my name she was fine and started singing her little heart out. Before spotting me she looked at the audience like a deer in headlights and slowly her fingers crept to her nose...we were dying laughing. Yes, I had the nose picker of the night. Looking at the pictures and video it definitely shows how little Ellie actually is for her age. It was such a fun night and so cute to see our little one's on stage performing for us!

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